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Of the four practices of The FISH! Philosophy perhaps the most misunderstood is “Play.”
Many organizations struggle because they assume that “Play” at work means goofing off, or they think that they need to throw fish around to play.

“Play” isn’t about goofing off, it’s about taking risks. It’s about creativity. It is about stepping out of the box and saying, lets try this.

And the fact you are reading this here on our community website is an example. This website was created quite awhile ago, but it was not fully utilized. People within the organization at ChartHouse Learning were concerned about getting into the business of a networking community and the risks involved with that.

Then, a group decided to push forward and just see if it could work. Let’s write some blogs. Let’s make some videos. Let’s try to make this little project work. What is the worst that can happen? It could fail. And with failure comes a lesson learned.

Fortunately, this not only has worked, but it has thrived. You are an example of that. You came here seeking knowledge on The FISH! Philosophy, and you have helped us make this an amazing group where people are helping other people to gain that knowledge.

So what are some examples of how you implement “play” at your workplace? We’d love to hear your stories.

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