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How The FISH! Philosophy helped a young leader

Jason Robinson, a manager with Sodexo, a global food service company, was working 16 hour days, hating his job and bringing his stress home with him. “Morale was low, turnover was high. I was a brand new manager given a new account, and being new, it was hard for me.” His authoritative management style wasn’t working well for him. “I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.” …. Then he was introduced to The FISH! Philosophy and things began to change.

The change was not instant,… Continue

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has ever surveyed organization to get feedback to the FISH Philosophy? We are running out of ideas and beginning to get resistance to the FISH Philosophy. We were wondering if it would help to request feedback from the 12 members of the company?

Any suggestions? Thanks so much

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The Paradox of Leadership Skills

“People often want to know whether followers believe in their leaders. A much more relevant question is whether the leaders believe in their followers.”

John Gardner, former Secretary, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

True leadership isn’t about being the best player on the team. It is about supporting, teaching and empowering all individuals to excel as a team. Tao Te Ching comments that the greatest leader “leaves no trace. When all is finished,… Continue

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Serving up appetizing FISH! to Restaurant leaders

For the last several years, ChartHouse Learning has been attending and presenting at the annual Restaurant Leadership Conference. This year’s event, held in Arizona, included a breakfast session where Jay Larson, The Prophet of Possibilities at ChartHouse Learning, took a few minutes to discuss the state of the restaurant industry and how The FISH! Philosophy could help reduce turnover and ultimately save money for restaurants. To learn what Jay has… Continue

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