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The Attitude Board

It was a special day at Antheil Elementary School. The New Jersey deputy commissioner of education was visiting and about to read a story to Bob Kohut’s third grade class.

Suddenly one of the students raised his hand and asked, “Did you put your fish up on the board yet?”

The deputy commissioner looked perplexed, until the third grader explained. “We have an attitude board. Whenever we come in our room, we choose a fish. They’re different colors ‘cause each one stands for a…


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It's not the company. It's the people in the company. It's you.

It's not the company. It's the people in the company. It's you.

By Jeffrey Gitomer

When you walk into someone's place of business to shop or buy something, what are you expecting?

Most people (you included and me included) expect someone friendly, someone helpful when you need them, to be served in a timely manner, to be given fair value, to be presented with a quality product, to make the process quick and easy, and to be thanked whether you give… Continue

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The Traffic Cop

Remember the movie Flashdance from the early 80s? You know, the one with the female welder who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer.

There’s one scene that really stood out—and, surprisingly, it didn’t involve Jennifer Beals dancing. No, the scene I’m talking about is a real-life cop (His name is Vic Cianco; I looked him up) directing traffic in downtown Pittsburgh.

He’s in the middle of the intersection, dramatically gesturing, waving, bowing, even pleading as he keeps…


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A FISH! Tale: Snowbound

A client who teaches at a university told a story that a teacher, who is a doctoral student in his class on educational leadership, told to their class last week as an example of how FISH! has influenced her. She teaches in an economically depressed rural area. Last month one of her students didn’t come to class for a couple of days, so she took it upon herself to call the child’s home to find out what was going on. The boy’s mother explained how they had been snowbound (Connecticut has had… Continue

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How can I link Q12 with the Fish Philosophy


I am given a task to link Q12 with Fish Philosophy. Can anyone help me or guide me.


Thanks in advance.

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A FISH! Tale: “That’ll never work!”

The director of organizational development for a large corporation shared the following story with us:

“Recently we were in a brainstorming meeting. The ideas were coming fast and furious until our newest employee, a young man we hired two weeks prior because of his energy and creativity, threw out an idea. Almost before the idea had even left his lips, one of the senior people in the meeting said sarcastically, “That’ll never work.”

“There was a moment of uncomfortable… Continue

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