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February 2011 Blog Posts (3)

A FISH! Tale: The Archery Story

A nine-year-old boy, shopping with his father, approached the counter of the archery department at a large sporting goods retailer. He proclaimed to the salesman standing behind the counter, “I want to shoot bows and arrows.”


The salesman, who had been talking with a coworker, glanced over his shoulder at the boy and said in an annoyed tone, “Come back when you’re a little older and I’ll show you some bows.” He turned back to his colleague and resumed their…


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Now is the perfect time to step up, if you’re willing to risk it.

Everyone is climbing a ladder.

The only question is which rung are you on?

Ever thought about it? It’s a way bigger thought than, “Is my job safe?” But if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s probably not. Asking yourself “Is my job safe?” is an indication that you’re thinking in the wrong direction - diving in a hole instead of crawling out of a rut.

At the moment, many people are falling off the ladder, or being pushed off the ladder. There have been more than a… Continue

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FISHing Story: Leading the Way

Several years ago the Novus Clinic, which provides LASIK and cataract surgery, was in crisis. Employee retention was at its all-time low. The staff suffered from low morale and negative attitudes. Patients rarely referred family members to the clinic. Doctors sometimes yelled at staff in the hallways.

Kim Hoch, the clinic’s director of marketing, physician relations and customer service, had worked with FISH! as an aerobics instructor, and felt it could help. But she knew it wouldn’t… Continue

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