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A recent company email from our friends at TIAA-CREF, where The FISH! Philosophy is in full swing...

Hi Folks,

At our AMS Town Hall meeting last week, we announced that the folks in Denver were the winners of the “Big Fish” for this quarter.  At that point, the fish (I think his name is Pete the Perch) should have been sent out to the Denver team…but that’s where things seemed to get a little complicated!!!  It appears as though a few “Sour Grapes” in New York (both of whom – Josephine Goetz and Christine Mourad – are pictured here) felt the need to make off with the fish (they even blindfolded him!) in an attempt to ensure that Pete didn’t leave our New York office.  

The “Sour Grapes Bunch” – as they have come to be known - tried to come up with a valid reason as to why New York deserved the fish…but their story seemed a little “fishy”.  Luckily, the culprits were apprehended and the fish is finally making its way to Denver (Andrea Chou – pictured here - is making sure that Pete the fish makes it safely to our Denver office).

Of course, the folks in Charlotte may have their own Sour Grapes Bunch - as they’ve done a lot of “Fishy” things themselves (who can forget the picture of the fish at Pike’s Peak Fish Market!)…but they’re being quiet for now…


Congratulations again to the Denver team on being the fishiest group in our fish bowl!!!

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Well done to you all! Pete looks so safe and happy with Andrea. Keep up the great fun and attitudes!

Lynne with ChartHouse Learning



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