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Looking for an Experienced FISH Facilitator near Thomasville, NC

Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you wanted someone outside your organization, we would be the ones. Due to our copyrights and licensing, we are the only people that can present FISH! and create workshops for you, unless you have someone within your own organization that needs support in doing so. If you are interested in us supporting you with one of our talented facilitators, Please call Kris Mauricio at 800.811.5213. If you would like more information on our resources to create an event for yourself, please call Lynne Christensen at 800.811.5216. Thank you.

I conduct this training and please check my website at:


I would love to conduct this training and incorporate any other needed training into the curriculum.


Please call me at:  920-490-3657 or 920-544-2511


Thank you.



Thanks, Terry,

We really need someone pretty local, because our Continuing Education Instructors are only paid $20. per hour for actual classroom teaching time.  We have one experienced instructor on our Curriculum Faculty, so we are OK for now.  We will continue to look for someone close by.

Because of the licensing agreement attached to our films/programs, and the copyrights we have on our work, we do not allow anyone to facilitate or present outside your own organization. If you brought someone outside your organzaition to present, that would not be wonderful. If you are an association, Chamber of Commerce or community education, we would want to speak with you and talk about that. I am sure you understand that we want to protect our intellectual property and so therefore we are the only people authorized and certified to present and train The FISH! Philosophy, unless you are presenting within your own organization, to fellow employees. Thank you in advance for your understanding. - Lynne Christensen, Account Executive, ChartHouse Learning The Official Home of The FISH! Philosophy



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