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We want to implement FISH at the company I work for (a Call Center), but we want to but some of the trainer tools to facilitate this.

In order to get the approval to acquire this I need to present a ROI of what FISH! can do for your company.

I'm a true believer of the FISH! Philosophy and have seen the results of adopting it as your own; however most of the people around me have never experienced this. Do you have any productivity or work environment related statistics of your implementation of FISH! that could help me out selling this to Corporate?



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 My name is Lynne Christensen and I am with ChartHouse Learning. It is with great pleasure that I can share something I learned my first week here, 6 years ago. I had called on Time Warner and they went through our FISH! Culture program with their staff 4 years prior to my call. Their turnover was costing them a fortune. The first year of introducing and practicing FISH!, their turnover (at this location) went from 35% to 20%. The second year it fell to the teens! The third year it rose to the high 20% because they set it aside due to reorganization. They again went forward, the following year, and it dropped back into the teens. I asked how they can attribute the success of employee engagement and retention to The FISH! Philosophy and my client responded that every year they give a climate survey out to all. They have an open ended question and 80% of the feedback given, was related to FISH! and the commitment they as leaders were giving it. Your ROI is based on what “it” is that you are trying to improve on. Each organization has their own needs for change and enhancements. Define yours and use that as a foundation to track growth. You can follow the changes with those surveys and work on the weak areas. It is a constant change and commitment. Good luck to you! Feel free to contact



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