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Hi - I am new to this forum and am currently enrolled in a MBA (Executive) program. My current major research project involves the FISH program at the workplace and subsequent results. We have implemented the FISH program with one department within my current organization of 10,000.

My question is: does anyone know of any research completed on outcomes of the FISH philosophy?

I am looking for information surrounding evidence that the program works. I believe and feel that it does, but is there evidence that the FISH program does make a difference? I am currently looking at sick leave usage and attendance trends within the one department but am curious to know if anyone has evidence-based information. If so, I would love to chat.

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Obviously you are after quantatative data which I cannot provide, except that since our introduction of FISH to our school our staff survey results have improved.
But I can provide you with lots of anecdotal evidence that FISH works. I get overwhelmed by the numbers of visitors that tell me there is a "positive feel" to our school. We didnt have that before FISH!

Hi Vicki

would there be any survey data results that you could share with me?

Neil :)
Hello Neil,
My name is Jessica Parkinson, we are interested in implementing the Fish Philosophy in some of our departments. I was told that you have implemented Fish and I was wondering if you could tell me some of the ways that you implemented it, so that we could give local examples (from NS) to our Workplace Advisory Committee. ( I tried calling you, but you are on vacation! nice!) Anyways, any help will be very much appreciated. (Sorry, I don't have any answers to your question :(
Thank You,
Kind Regards,
Hi Jessica

I have returned from vacation - could you please give me a call at my workplace. I would love to chat!

Hi Jessica

A DVD was recently created with my assistance to tell the FISH story - can I send you a copy?

Hey Neil,
I have a few case studies i can get to you that show not only the change in a sense of energy and morale, but true bottom and top line numbers attributed to the program. I will attach them here. Please give me a call if you have other questions.
Take Care!
Jay Larson
Prophet of Possibilities
ChartHouse Learning
Hey Jay

Thank you sooo much.

Do you have dates and timelines for the Applebees and Subway KC stories? I think there is real value in the information, just need some parameters to clarify the cases.

Thank you


I implemented FISH at a hospital 9 years ago and have before and after data (staff satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction scores). I could share it with you...or you can go on this site and search for Missouri Baptist Medical Center. The results are posted there as well.
And by the does work!
Hi Shari,

Thank you!

Could you please send me the results? I took a quick look at the website but nothing swam out at me (ha ha).


Thanks in advance.
Hey Neil!
Here is the case study Shari was talking about.
Both the Applebee's and Subway examples happened over a course of months.
Applebee's is still going strong in many of the participant locations. If you want to send a shout to Hannah Weirather (I think she's on the network???) she can tell you more. She is Queen FISH!

Jay and Shari,

Thank you so much for sharing these studies with us! I think this might help drive the point home with my group that it's not just something we have to do at work - it might actually give them a reason to want to do it! They're a very factual group - if the information is documented on paper, they're more likely to believe it. I am trying to revamp things a little for them, and I think this will be a step in the right direction.

Thanks again!



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